SOLEY - a solar map to increase local fossil-free energy production

Solar maps make it easy for everyone to easily calculate the amount of solar electricity that can be produced on real estate. Solar cells have become much cheaper in recent years. The price has fallen by 80 percent. It is also simple to put these on the roof. In addition, many want to produce their own energy.

Building permits are required to set up solar electricity on the roof.
The Swedish government wants to abandon the requirement for building permits for solar panels and solar collectors. Many municipalities want to ease the demands on solar panels to increase the number of installations. In some municipalities building permits for solar panels are free.


- This is the first regional solar map in Sweden for local sun production, says Håkan Grundel, manager of Regional Energy Agency, Västernorrland County.

The map covers all seven municipalities in Västernorrland County. All buildings in the region over 15m2 will be included.

It consists of a 3D map in combination with beam data from the Swedish Met… (SMHI). It gives a picture of how many kWh of solar energy reach a roof. I addition it shows which part of the roof or wall is the best surface to put solar cells on and how many kWh you can get.

- Håkan stresses that this version of solar maps is expanded with a function in which shadow effects from vegetation is taken into account.

With solar maps as tools and software, urban planners, architects and builders can consider solar energy as a design parameter in the city-building process. Thus, it will be an important base for making better planning decisions.

It will of course be possible for anyone with internet connection to access the solar map from different websites - Regional Energy Agency and the municipalities' websites. The web application is a spin off from a regional ICT cooperation project, which all municipalities participate in. The tool will therefore also facilitate decisions for the county's inhabitants to switch to renewable energy.

The development of the solar map in cooperation with the region has taken 12 months. The total cost has been approximately 870 000 SEK (90 960 Euro ).
A contracted consultant has created the maps with the support of National Land Survey Agency (Lantmäteriet). Lantmäteriet is responsible for geographical and property information.
The solar map will be completed in May 2017.

Funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and Västernorrland County Administration.

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