Q & A with Magnus at Solatum, SECURE project

Magnus Nordenmark, Solatum

What is your roll in SECURE?
- I am responible for energy issues at Solatum Hus & Hem AB. We decide how the resources för maintenance and investments in the energy sector shall be used, and implementation of the decided actions. All in order to decrease the energy consumption and reduce the need for frequent repair. I am also responsible for gathering the energy statistics every month, and work through it to find abnormalities.

What do you think is the most important part in the SECURE project?
- The most important part of the secure-project is to develop a model for co-operation between Solatum as a landlord and those who are working and living in the building. There has been a lot of negotiations concerning working environment, where we have found solutions that all can agree upon.

What part of the project do you think is the most challenging?
- It will be the follow up of the energy statistics, in order to see if the actions we are doing in the project gives the expected results.

What have Solatum planned to do after the project is done?
- Our aim is to implement the experiences från this project on our other similar buildings.

Do you have anything else you want to say regarding the project?
- It will be interseting to see all the other regions which are participating in the project.

October, 2017